Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift GuideMother's Day Gift Guide

It is often easy for us to forget about the little things that mum does - we took things for granted, thinking it is only right for mum to do it all for us. They have been in every step of the way in our lives, hoping and wanting only the best for us. The selflessness of a mum is impeccable and nothing can ever measure up to that. Our mums do little things everyday that made a huge difference, and we can’t thank them enough. Now is your chance! 

Bouquets are great and all, (I mean who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet right?) but after awhile the flowers fall and the petals drop. So, here’s a range of bags as bright as flowers that can carry phone, wallet, keys - everything a mum could ever need.

We know that no two moms out there are the same. Every mom is uniquely different from another. On top of that, we know it is no easy feat to decide what to gift your mom on this special day. So we decided to make your life easier by creating this gift guide so you will be able to get that perfect gift.

Mother's Day Gift GuideMother's Day Gift Guide

For The

Modern Mom

The mom who keeps up to trends, whom probably has an instagram account or maybe even own a tiktok account and filming some tiktok videos during her free time on the weekend to connect with her kid (you!) All these amidst the main role that she holds, which is being a mum is really not an easy feat.

For The


The mom who is home majority of the time because her job is to take care of the house and her loved ones (you!) The hero who makes sure that you get your nutritious breakfast before school or work so that you will be fully energised for the day and that after a long day of school or work, you will get home to a table full of delicious home cooked food.

For The

Girl Boss Mom

The mom that hustles and bustles like she never did before, to make sure ends are met and the family is well-fed. She is always seen lugging plenty of work documents, laptop, notebooks and such. However, as busy as work may get, she never forgets to check in with her loved ones to make sure all is well - keeping good communication.

Here’s one to all the moms out there, regardless if you are modern,
stay-home, girlboss or just your girl-next-door mom. You all deserve all the love
and recognition for the little things you do for those you love. 

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